Meet The Team


Kenny Guzman

When Kenny isn't driving from job to job to talk with our foremen and customers, he is at home loving his beautiful wife, Stacy, and eight children! Kenny and Stacy are members of Sovereign Grace Bible Church, in Ada. Above all else, He wants to honor and glorify Christ in his work and his attitude. Kenny is always glad to pray with you or answer any questions you may have about the Gospel. Kenny has been working in the construction industry for 18 years. Being our primary Field Operations Manager, Kenny loves to work closely with our customers to make sure they are not only happy with the result of their project, but also happy with their customer service experience. Making our customers happy is one of his hobbies! "Every project we do should be better than the last one" is his motto.

Matt Guzman

Matt has been blessed with a wonderful family as well. He is married to a beautiful photographer, Genesis. She is a successful business owner in her own right. Together Matt, and Genesis have 3 wonderful children, 2 girls, and their youngest is a boy. Matt and Genesis also attend Sovereign Grace Bible Church in Ada. Matt came to GKP with 7 years experience in logistics, and administration. He also has 2 years experience working in city governmental management. Before all that he was a professional Martial Arts instructor. Currently He also teaches Judo at Ada Judo club. Matt is the general operations manager, leading the company's estimation process. He is the face our customers see during an estimate, and is the heart of most of the logistical aspects of the GKP.

Tim Guzman

Tim is married to his lovely bride, Raeanna, who is also our dedicated phone receptionist, the friendly voice on the phone at GKP. Tim and Rae have two darling little children, a girl, and a boy. They keep Mama, and Daddy on their toes! Tim is the third brother in the family to attend Sovereign Grace. Tim brings 7 years of management experience to GKP. He is strongly self motivated, as are all the brothers. Originally he worked his way into management, and team building, right from the bottom of a corporation that was building sites all around Oklahoma, and Texas. During his time there, He raised revenue by $500,000.00, promoted 20+ supervisors, and 4 senior level managers. When it comes to people management, Tim is an expert at using his communication skills to build confidence in the people around him!

ReaAnna Guzman

Meet RaeAnna Guzman, our dedicated receptionist at GKP Home Inspection! Rae is that friendly voice you hear when you call! However she does so much more than answering the phone, and scheduling. Rae has multiple responsibilities in our company ranging from advertising, all the way to finance, and she excels at all of them. We are so thankful for her hard work! She makes our company function smoothly, and makes our customers smile! Make sure you give us a call and see for yourself!