At GKP our company vision is not solely about monetary profitability. We realize that there is more than one way to profit in the world. Values like love, friendship, community responsibility, fairness, and family can also be considered profit, aside from money. To that end, we strive to build our team to increase profitability of all those whom we impact. Since we believe that true profitability comes from God Almighty, we strive to glorify Him in all that we do, and to share the kind of love that He demonstrated toward us when He sent his only son to pay the debt that we owed. Therefore in our business, we seek to show that kind of love, by placing character above all else. This means we value honesty, integrity, kindness, and self control. Of course, we do not expect all our team members to share our faith, or live our lifestyle. However, we do expect them to hold the simple values above, in high regard. Therefore, our company looks for those traits in our potential team members, and we encourage that, through paying a solid living, providing time off, and encouraging a family atmosphere. The benefit to our customers is that we believe we owe our commitment to love, and respect ALL humans, to a higher authority than those who govern us, which includes those whom we serve. We are seeking long term success in all areas of life, not short term comfort through money.

Building Our GKP Team

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