In our discussions with clients who come looking for our services, we have learned that in the past there seems to have been a large gap in communication and transparency with clients in the construction industry as a whole. At GKP we have made it our mission to close that gap with our clients, and provide as many avenues as possible for our clients to know and understand exactly what is going on at every stage of their individual projects! To that end, we have built an innovative system to guarantee that our customers become partners with us as we work together to make their project dreams a reality. Because of this, we offer:

A Dedicated Receptionist to assist in communication between our customer, and those assigned to complete their project, or even the owners, if needed.

We provide a detailed smart estimate that is available digitally, or on a smart phone, which has an assigned link so that the customer can access that information at any time before, during, or even after their project, becoming a record of what has been done for future home sales, or reference when starting another project. Our costs are clearly laid out, as well as what the customer has asked to be done, material requirements, etc...

Every effort has been made to hire responsible, respectful, employees that are well trained in their various specialties, and to do business with the best sub-contractors that we can find.

We provide a wide variety of benefits to our employees to ensure that they are excited about coming to work every day, and are ready to provide excellent service to our customers!

Believing that a moral foundation is the bed rock of ethics in business and in life, we strive to encourage that in the world around us. The core of that moral foundation, in our view, is a relationship with Jesus Christ, and as such we have committed GKP Construction to place Jesus Christ as the center of our work.

Our Company

In 2018 Matt and Kenny Guzman began discussing forming the construction company that eventually became GKP. Both had full time jobs, and started the company on nights and weekends, out of the bed of a single pickup truck. This actually followed a long family history of entrepreneurial enterprise. In fact, the boy's great great grandfather, also started a business selling olives out of the back of HIS pickup truck. That company then went on to hire Gordon Keith Patterson, the boy's great grandfather, for which GKP Construction was named.

The High Points:

In 2019 Kenny Guzman was able to come on full time as President of field management, carrying twenty-plus years in construction, pest control, and sanitation management.

Then Tim Guzman joined the ownership team in 2019. At the time he continued at his full time job. However, now all three brothers were working together in tandem, an ownership model that has been very successful for them.

In 2020 Matt Guzman also was able to leave his full time employment for the Chickasaw Nation as a youth services director, and came to GKP Construction full time. In 2020 Matt came on, adding his much needed, business, and logistic skills to the team, as President of Operations.

In 2021 Tim Guzman also left a very successful management career, to come on full time as President of communication and marketing, using his experience as a Senior Manager, and Team Builder to add the much needed third support member to the team of brothers.

The growth has been phenomenal! In 2020 GKP Construction started the year with 1 crew. From then to now, in 2022, we now have 4 crews, each with a professional, and trained foreman that we title as Crew Chief. Our crews of professionals are chosen specifically for their hardworking attitudes, ethical values, respectful communication skills, and true craftsmanship. They truly represent the very best of our profession!

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